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Sea-ing on the Viking Orion

February 5th and 6th, 2024 (New Zealand time)

Sea Days are days when the ship is traveling to a new location. So, in this blog we will take you on a tour of the ship.

The Orion is an Ocean Liner in the small ship category that holds up to 930 passengers, and 465 crew members. It was built in 2018.

Overview: The ship provides a variety of activities, including guest lecturers, performers, and organized games.

Viking Daily; the Star Theater where movies are shown, nightly shows/performances are held, and guest lecturers speak

There are also tables provided for jigsaw puzzles and table games.

Libraries and quiet seating areas are available in several locations.

Here are some of our favorite things to do:

  • EAT!!!

The Restaurant entrance and menu; The Chef's Table entrance and menu.

Manfredi's (Italian food) entrance and menu; pool Grill; World Cafe buffet

  • And a Wine Tasting!!! It was definitely an awesome experience with great wine, and wonderful background, explanations and pairings.

  • And Afternoon Tea!!!

Wintergarden room, and tea cakes and sweets

Listen to the Music

  • The ship has several music venues and some very talented on-board performers. We spent a fun night at Torshavn bar/lounge.

Other places on the ship:

Aquavit Terrace - nice place to eat, connects to outside infinity pool area.

Explorers Lounge - beautiful view and nice place for evening musical entertainment.

Cruise Consultant's Office - We booked another cruise!

Viking shop

- haven't bought anything - yet!

Lots of stairs - good exercise!

But Karen really didn't walk 73 flights that day, the large sea swells fooled the watch!

Planetarium was closed - bummer... But we still found Polaris Australis, also known as Sigma Octantis (the southern version of the North Star) and few other constellations from our balcony.

(Thanks Will for catching my mistake!)

Our balcony - fun place to relax, look at port, watch the sail-away, etc.... But better when it isn't raining!

Hope you enjoyed our tour of the Viking Orion and glimpse into life onboard.

Tomorrow we reach New Zealand, and tour Dunedin (done-é-din).

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Seeing those pictures really makes me miss cruising. Caymus Cab as part of your wine tasting? Nice!


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Eating is a good thing to do. So is drinking wine. I approve of this post and hope you are getting a kickback from the cruise lines for your advert!

Replying to

Drinking wine has been a big part of this cruise since we know the Sommelier from a previous cruise!


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I would not put it past Karen to climb 73 flights of stairs on “sea”day…oops… I mean “leg” day.

Replying to

She would have had to climb most of those flights be herself!

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