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InSpeyer (no, I didn't forget to type the space)

October 27, 2023

Today did not inspire (InSpeyer) at the start. Breakfast was good, and it wasn't raining. And the trip into the town of Speyer had a few glitches, but we got there. The walking tour was fine, with some time to shop and look around on our own. Nothing InSpeyering though.

Then we arrived at the Cathedral in Speyer. In general, Nancy is no longer inspired by the cathedrals, as beautiful as they may be, because they are all very similar. But this cathedral was distinctive. For some quick background - it is the largest Romanesque style church in Europe, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is on a path to the Camino de Santiago, has four towers and two domes, and was built starting in 1030 -1061. All inspiring facts. What was distinctive were the heavy steel doors with carvings on both the inside and outside, the display of beautiful statuary outside, the entire building (including the roof) was constructed from stone, and the beautiful murals on the upper walls that replaced the typical stained glass windows.

The cathedral in Speyer is now one of Nancy's favorites, and inspired her to learn more about Romanesque design, and about this cathedral in general.

So here are some pictures from the Cathedral and the area around it:

The Jacob Pilgram statue at Speyer - this statue is on the path to the Camino, and it is said to be good luck to touch his big toe.

The outside of the Cathedral:

Inside the Cathedral:

Also on the grounds:

During the tour we saw other interesting sites, such as:

Jewish Courtyard - UNESCO site - is an historic and archeological site located in the inner city. Built in stages between 1104 and the 14th century, the courtyard contains some of the oldest and best-preserved Jewish community buildings.


Guilds began in the 12th Century as an association of trade or craftsmen designed to promote their interests. Since not everyone could read in those times, each type of business designed a symbol for each trade that everyone would recognize. The town would display the various guild signs prominently so travelers moving through the city would know what services were available. The unicorn on the business below advertises that the business is a pharmacy.

And finally - InSpeyering sign in store window:

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Loren Tarantino
Loren Tarantino
Oct 30, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Wow, what a cathedral! The apple pastry sounds yummy. Live on!


Sarah Pierce
Sarah Pierce
Oct 28, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

We also found the apple pastry is Speyer to be inspiring.

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