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Antarctica - Here We Come

Updated: Apr 27

Antarctica is a unique and remote continent. Few people have ever ventured far inland, and the vast white plains of ice and snow, broken up by rocky mountain peaks, appear barren and lifeless from a distance. But Antarctica has a fascinating history and unique wildlife that has attracted the interest of travelers over time. We are excited to be visiting Antarctica, and looking forward to sharing the experience with others.

As retired educators, we are always interested in providing resources for the classroom, so we will be posting pictures, videos, maps and other information to share. If you have questions we will try to answer them, either through our experiences, or by asking the experts on our ship. In the days leading up to our departure, we will be posting some general resources about Antarctica, and topics to think about.

The ship will be sailing to Antarctica from the tip of South America, and the city of Ushuaia in Argentina.

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