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A Sunny Day with Mountain Goats

May 12, 2023

Bergen, Norway

This is our last day of the British Isles Cruise. We were in Bergen, Norway and it was a beautiful day, which is not the norm there. The average number of rainy days per year there is 269, but today was sunny and beautiful!

For our excursion today we toured Bergen on a 100-year old Steam Ship! The ship has been restored and repurposed, but it looks totally authentic.

And the views from the ship were beautiful. These are the famous colorful houses of Bergen, which housed businesses for the Hanseatic League in 15th century.

Next we took the Funicular up the hill outside Bergen and looked at the beautiful views. We did not expect our time up there to include Mountain Goats, the cutest tamest Mountain Goats ever!

Tomorrow we say good-bye to the Viking Venus and fly to Reykjavic, Iceland. The next blog will be in two days. Thanks for following us!

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